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Meet the Sanders:


We were first friends that shared the same life pursuits and as we encouraged and celebrated each other's ideas and dreams we began to fall in love. We flirted with future plans as a team and were soon married. The excitement and rush of making our dreams a reality has strengthened our marriage in ways we never imagined.


We are strong believers in generosity and the good old-fashion American Dream. Our desire is to spread hope, joy and love to all. Love is the greatest commandment, Matthew 22:36-40, and we strive to carry it out. Love Birds is our way to soften hearts across all boundaries and encourage people everywhere to apply it in all areas of life.


At Love Birds Coffee and Tea Company we strive to bring our customers top quality products that are good for the body, soul and environment.


All of our coffees are sourced with the most intentional buying to bring to you wonderful coffee to be enjoyed. Our gourmet coffees come from single farms and co-ops along with DIRECT TRADE Coffees which cost us quite a bit more but its important to us to support the Farmers from Seed to Cup. We also look for Rainforest Alliance and Organic Coffees when they are Direct Trade.


In our roasting plant our roasters take special pride in roasting each coffee in the style of the old world Italian tradition to ensure a wonderful coffee for our customers that follows coffee and espresso skills dating back to 19th century Italy.


"Join us in spreading the LOVE one cup at a time."



Jasmin & Garrett



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